My Favorite Films of 2017 (So Far)

Now that the first half of 2017 is completed, I’ve decided to reflect on all the films that have come out (and that I’ve seen) so far. At around this time last year, I wasn’t even keeping track of the great films I was watching, but now that I am looking at films in a more critical way for the blog, I am starting to see how 2017 is faring out in terms of quality up to this point. I’d say that I am slightly surprised with the amount of great films, but regardless, here are the five films I’ve enjoyed the most this year so far.

Big Sick, The

5. The Big Sick

A film that took Sundance 2017 by storm, The Big Sick is being hailed as the best romantic comedy of this decade, and the best one since When Harry Met Sally came out. Kumail Nunjiani and Emily V. Gordon crafted a very heartfelt, funny, and realistic movie, that showed not only the trials and tribulations one goes through for love, but also how two very different cultures can come together, despite very big differences, because of the strong bond love can create.

It All, Win

4. Win It All

I didn’t have any expectations coming into Win It AllAll I knew about it was that it starred Jake Johnson, and that it was about gambling. Surprisingly, however, it turned out to be one of the more honest and human films of this year! The almost improvisitional feeling the film had made me truly believe these were real characters, which made me ten times more invested in what was happening. On top of that, the suspense built around the aspect of gambling, as well as the very appropriate humor, made this a film I had to include in this list.

Out, Get

3. Get Out

I had been anticipating this film as far back as when Jordan Peele announced he was making a horror film. I was a fan of Peele from his show Key and Peele, so I was excited to see how this film would play out. Thankfully, my excitement paid off in many ways. Peele wrote and directed a very tight and taut thriller that is full of twists, thrills, foreshadowing, and laughs – all things that very few films can juggle at the same time, let alone do them expertly. And the fact that it also managed to be very timely with its themes, Get Out is a must-see of 2017.

Driver, Baby

2. Baby Driver

Edgar Wright is back, and in full force. After releasing The World’s End back in 2013, and getting caught up in some drama with Ant-ManBaby Driver proves that Wright is one of the most unique and meticulous directors of this century. This film offers up everything you’d like in a summer action flick: many laughs, great action, amazing soundtrack, a lot of heart, incredible attention to detail, many surprises, and more! I could go on and on about why this film is so astounding, but I’ll just keep it simple and say these three words: watch this film.

gan, Lo

1. Logan

Funny how people say there is comic book movie fatigue, when the best film of 2017 so far is Logan. Much like The Dark Knight did back in 2008, this film transcends what a comic book movie should be, instead delivering a great drama first, superpowers and action later. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart deliver amazing performances that rival their best work, and Dafnee Keen gives one of the best child performances I’ve ever seen. Hopefully, Logan is the movie that proves once and for all that comic book films can also be award-worthy films.

In conclusion, 2017 has started the year off with amazing films from nearly every genre. There have been great action films such as Baby Driver, great comedies such as The Big Sick and Win It All, and even great small indie thrillers such as Get Out. Now that the first half of 2017 is done, I can’t wait for what the second half has in store for us film enthusiasts. Last year, most of the best films that came out (La La LandMoonlight) were released during the Oscar season, so I can’t imagine what type of films will be coming out this year, but I’ll be glad to find out.


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