The Big Sick – The Best Comedy of the Year (So Far)

Amazon is primarily known as the place you go to shop online, but as of late they’ve been trying to be a major player in the movie-making business. They already made a big splash when Manchester By the Sea won Best Actor in this year’s Oscars, and now with The Big Sick, they show no signs of stopping. This film generated a lot of buzz coming out of Sundance, which led to Amazon being the highest bidder and acquiring the rights. So the question for me heading to watch this film was: will it live up to the hype?

Luckily, the answer to that question was a resounding yes.

Here’s the (very simplistic) description from IMDb:

A couple deals with their cultural differences as their relationship grows.

This film was written by real-life couple Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, who’s story of meeting and falling in love is the plot of the movie. It was directed by Michael Showalter of Wet Hot American Summer fame, and it stars Kumail as himself, Zoe Kazan as his wife EmilyRay Romano as Emily‘s father Terry, and Holly Hunter as the mother Beth.

The thing that became the most noticeable once I was watching this film was how much of a crowd-pleaser it is. Everyone in the theater with me laughed at all the right times throughout its runtime,  which goes to show how great of a comedy this film is. Another thing I enjoyed immensely about this film was the heart it had. Heart is a thing that comedies very rarely focus on, but conversely it is the key thing that elevates them from good to great. Also, its portrayal of couples from different backgrounds seemed very realistic.

I didn’t have any real gripes with the film, which I was surprised by. Usually, comedies that goes over the 90-minute mark tend to have a third-act problem, but this film had enough going on that it didn’t feel like it dragged on. However, I did have some nit-picky issues with it, such as Kumail‘s roommate. He was funny sometimes, but most of the time he behaved unrealistically dumb, which almost took me out of the film. Also, personally, I’m kind of getting annoyed of comedians always implementing stand-up into their films/tv shows. But that’s just me.

But besides all of that, The Big Sick was truly a great film. Making a great comedy is debatably harder than making a great drama since comedy is so subjective, so the fact that Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily made such a crowd-pleasing and funny comedy is extremely impressive. On top of it being a great comedy, it also is a very timely story in our current state of affairs in this country. It is very important to see movies like this and open our eyes to issues we never really consider. After all, this is what makes films so great.

You can catch this film at an indie movie theater near you.

Final Rating – 4/5


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